Separate business and personal on Facebook

How To Keep Business & Personal Separate on Facebook

Do you wish you could keep business and personal separate on Facebook?

Maybe you avoid adding business contacts because you don’t want to share family pictures and personal posts with them?

Or do you worry about boring your friends with business posts?

Fear not! You don’t need to risk bringing down the FB ban hammer by having 2 accounts (that’s against the rules!).

There is a way to keep your Business & Personal Lives Separate On Facebook without creating 2 accounts! Yay!

Here’s a geek tip to ensure that your close friends and family don’t get annoyed by your business posts…

And your business contacts don’t see your personal posts (unless you want them to)

Watch this short (3 min) video that I made to learn:

  • How to add your friends to Facebook lists
  • How to share posts to a particular section of friends – eg Friends & Family only or business only



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