quick hack to update wordpress manually

Quick Hack To Update WordPress Manually

If you have multiple WordPress sites, and don’t have WP management software, how would you like a time-saving way to update them?

For free.

I worked out a system to update my sites after my WP management dashboard stopped working…

And I don’t miss it at all.

Here’s how I update my WordPress sites now:

Initial Setup

Create a folder on your bookmarks bar:

bookmarks bar chrome

To do this, first make sure you have your bookmarks bar enabled. If you do, you will have something that looks like this: (you may have individual sites rather than folders)

Enable the bookmarks bar:

  • Chrome: CTRL-Shift-b toggles the bookmarks bar
  • Firefox: Right click a blank area at the very top of your browser window and ensure “Bookmarks Toolbar” is checked

To create a new folder, right click on a blank area of the bookmarks bar and click:

  • “Add Folder…” (Chrome) or
  • “New Folder” (Firefox) and name it something like My Sites.

Once you have your new folder, you can either:

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard for each of your WordPress sites, click on “updates” from the menu on the left of your dashboard and bookmark each site to the folder
    To bookmark a site to your “My Sites” folder:
    In Chrome, click the little star to the right of the address bar, then click edit. This brings up a new window. Navigate to your My Sites folder and click “save”.add-bookmark-to-folder
    In Firefox, click the little start to the right of the address bar and then the little drop-down arrow to the right of “Folders” and then “Choose”. Navigate to your My Sites folder and click “done”.add-bookmark-to-folder-firefoxOR 
  2. Add a link to the WordPress update page for all your sites
    To do this, right click on your My Sites folder and “Add Page…”
    Enter a name for the site and the URL in this format:

Updating Your WordPress Sites

When you need to update your WordPress plugins, themes or WordPress itself:
Right click the folder and click “Open all bookmarks” (Chrome) or
“Open all in tabs” (Firefox).

I find that Firefox works best as Chrome can sometimes throw a wobbly if you try to open too many tabs at once.

  • Then go to each tab in turn, click what you want to update, eg plugins and hit update pluginsupdate wordpress plugins
  • Don’t wait for it to finish, just click on the tab for the next site and repeat
  • Once you have been through all the tabs, go back and update anything else that needs updating – eg themes or WordPress core
  • When you’ve done them all, go back and click on each tab in turn, go to the updates page and check everything looks hunky dory and everything is up to date:
  • And you’re done
  • Simples! 😊

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