Why I switched from clickfunnels to convertri

Why I Switched From ClickFunnels To Convertri And Recommend You Do The Same

If you’ve ever needed to create a squeeze page, sales page or any type of funnel in your business, then you’ll know it can sometimes be a pretty frustrating experience trying to make the software do what you want it to do…

Well, recently, a friend brought a new funnel builder to my attention (thanks David!). Since I have been happy with ClickFunnels, I wasn’t in the market for a new one, but by the time David had finished telling me about it, I knew I had to give Convertri a try.

Anyway, off I went, bought it and started playing with it straight away. I LOVE tinkering with stuff like this, so I was in geek heaven!

I’m not saying you need to be tech-savvy or geeky to use Convertri – once you get used to using it, it’s really simple to use. I didn’t even watch the tutorial videos (which are plentiful) and I still figured it all out in half an hour or so.

So what makes Convertri even better than ClickFunnels?

convertri vs clickfunnels

First of all, The ‘Anything, anywhere’ page builder is brilliant! It really is.

I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve become extremely vexed* with ClickFunnels when I simply wanted to move my Submit button just a little bit, but couldn’t figure out which element’s margin or padding I needed to change to make it happen. *Geek points if you spot the TV series reference 

It has often taken me a few frustrating minutes to do something that takes seconds with Convertri. Just drag and drop and you’re done! Totally frustration free! Yay!

There are a few other features of the editor that I really love:

#1 Shift-drag:

Select any page element with the mouse, hold down the Shift Key and you can drag that element and anything below it anywhere you want. It actually moves the whole lot!
Watch the video below to see how it works:

#2 Cloning:

Select any page element and hold down the Alt Key – you can clone* any item and drag it anywhere. You can even clone entire sections in this way – this is going to save so much time! *Darth Vader would love it! Check it out below:

#3 Undo button:

It might seem simple, but I have really missed this in ClickFunnels (a glaring omission IMHO) I have occasionally deleted an entire block in ClickFunnels when I just meant to delete an element (it’s way too easy to make this mistake!). If I haven’t saved the page recently, sometimes the only way to fix this is to quit, (losing ALL your other changes too!) and start again. So I’m ecstatic that Convertri have included this innocuous, yet super useful button!

Click here now to check out Convertri for yourself

Recreating ClickFunnels pages / funnels is a doddle…

I was pleasantly surprised by how quick and easy it was to recreate a funnel. I did it with one of my squeeze pages in under an hour and that was when I was learning the Convertri interface and didn’t know about Shift-drag or Cloning (doh!). I suspect you could do it in half an hour or less with a bit of practice.

You can also recreate pages built by pretty much any other page builder too!

So, how do convertri pages compare with clickfunnels?

Well, you be the judge – It’s hard to tell the difference between the two. Don’t forget to come back after you take a look. I’ll wait…

Check out my video for a quick convertri demo and a comparison between the two pages:

Convertri Pages Load Lightning Fast – Even The Flash Would Approve!

The main benefit that the Convertri creators are pushing is its lightning fast speed and I have to say that it’s certainly performed very well in my tests. I’m certainly not saying that ClickFunnels is slow, but page loading speeds are critical to improve your conversions…

Not only does page speed increase search engine rankings, but according to Kissmetrics, 40% of people will abandon your website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Eek!

40% abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load

With ClickFunnels I have noticed that I lose a significant proportion of visitors between the link click (as recorded by ClickMagick) and the visitor actually landing on my page.

Just think how many leads and how much money you’re leaving on the table if you’re losing 40 out of every 100 visitors to your page!


Check out this comparison between a ClickFunnels site and an identical page that I recreated in Convertri – the page load speed decreased from 5.1s load on ClickFunnels to 1.1s on Convertri:

GTMetrix Speed Comparison - ClickFunnels VS Convertri

Google’s page speed insights gave impressive results too:

Page speed insights clickfunnels vs convertri

As you can see, ClickFunnels isn’t bad for desktop, but Convertri totally crushes it on mobile! And with more and more people using mobile these days, it pays to be fast!

Convertri is built on the same Content Delivery Network that powers Twitter & Shopify, so you can see why the pages load so fast!

It should also handle all the traffic you can throw at it with ease! No more over-heated servers going down right in the middle of your product launch! Yay! 

Is there anything I don’t like?

Well, so far the things that have bugged me have mostly been minor and Andy Fletcher (the developer) has already promised fixes for most of them.

But here are a couple of points to bear in mind:

Although the pages are mobile responsive, you do need to tweak the mobile version a bit to get the best results, but I’m sure improvements will be made over time, as Andy (the developer) is committed to this long-term. And with such a great mobile speed improvement, I’m willing to put up with the small inconvenience of having to tweak my mobile pages.

Also, if I’m being picky, then I’d say that the way to create pop-ups is a little bit fiddly, but I am confident that this will also improve over time.


So far, despite a few teething problems, I have to say I am really loving Convertri! And with thousands of copies sold, plus lots of great feedback, I’d say that so are a lot of other marketers.

I love the ease of use, I love the fully flexible page builder, I love the Alt-drag cloning, I love the Shift-drag to move large sections around and of course, I love the page load speed!

Convertri is probably not going to leave ClickFunnels dead in the water, but if you’re looking for a cheaper option with a drag anything anywhere interface, that will improve your conversions due to its lightning speed, then I’d highly recommend checking out Convertri.

After experiencing the ease with which I can setup a funnel in Convertri, I’m not going back to building pages in ClickFunnels… unless someone pays me. Lol!

Click here now to check out Convertri for yourself

Have any questions or thoughts on Convertri? Let me know in the comments