2 Fantastic FREE Productivity Tools To Get More Done In 2017

2 Fantastic FREE Productivity Tools To Help You Reach Your 2017 Goals

Maybe in the past you have tried everything to improve your productivity and reach your goals? 

To-do lists, pomodoro techniques, calendar reminders, spreadsheets and mindmaps and more…

Did any of it help for long? Probably not. 

Well, recently I started using a couple of new free tools and guess what?

They have helped tremendously to get me get focused and get more stuff done in the past few weeks!

Free Tool #1 – Todoist

Todoist app

The first one is Todoist – an online task management app.

It’s very easy to organise your tasks, prioritise them and reschedule them.

You can see at a glance if you are trying to do too much – I recommend no more than 2 or 3 top priority tasks per day.

It syncs with the mobile app too, so you always know what you should be doing.

You even get Karma points to encourage you to meet your goals. I love me a bit of good Karma. Lol!

Free Tool #2 – IFTTT




When you combine Todoist with IFTTT (If This Then That), then it becomes even more amazing.

IFTTT provides “recipes” that you can use to make your life easier and more productive.

Eg. There’s one recipe that allows you to add a Gmail email to your Todoist tasks.

No more using Gmail as a to-do list! Say hello to “Inbox Zero”. Yay! 

There’s another one that adds any new Google Calendar event to your Todoist tasks.

You can even get a reminder to bring an umbrella if rain is tomorrow’s forecast is for rain! Lol!

Take a look at the various IFTTT recipes for Todoist

Plus there are many more recipes to integrate with other apps you may use:

Both tools are free and simple to use, so give them a try and reach your goals in 2017