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Adventures in Facebook #2 – Page Creation Tips

On to part 2 of my quest to discover whether it really is as easy to make money as the Facebook gooroos say…

If you missed part one you can read it here.

So at this point I’ve picked a niche…

Setting up the page was a breeze. You don’t need to be techie at all. Just fill in a few boxes and Facebook does the rest.

Just bear the following in mind:

From what I’ve read so far, Brand or Product seems best for page type, and then choose Website in the drop-down category box.

Something to bear in mind is that once my page had been created, it somehow ended up in the “Other” category so I had to go back in and edit the page type, which is fortunately easy enough from your admin panel.

“Other” would have been bad because it doesn’t allow you Facebook Insights, which provides measurements on your Page’s performance, gives you demographic data about your audience, let’s you see how people are responding to your posts.

You add the page name in the “Brand or Product Name” box.

When naming your page it’s a good idea to use niche keywords so that the page can easily be found with a search…

Smart-arse that I am, I was hugely tempted to use something clever or punny, but I recommend you resist.

Also try to keep the name to 25 characters or less so that it fits across the width of a FB sidebar ad. You doesn’t want your ads to look silly now does you, Precious?

Pick a vanity url for your page. This lets you choose the url “slug” for your page so your audience can find you more easily.

ie. You get something like this:

Instead of an automatically generated one with random numbers like this:

Tut, tut, Mr Takei, or whoever sets up your pages. You lose one point. Still, you gain thousands for being super cool, so who’s counting? 🙂

But I digress…

Add a short description but don’t worry too much as it can be changed later.

This bit is important – you need to skip Facebook’s build visitors page. If what I have been taught is correct, then that is a very expensive way to get likes!

Don’t worry about putting your website address in just yet if you haven’t bought a domain yet. You can add it later.

You add a profile pic next. It needs to be at least 180×180 pixels and square is best so that it fits properly.

I’m told that pictures of faces of real women (ie not stock images) convert best…

But you need to use your own common sense – you can’t have a woman’s face on a bodybuilding for men page…

Although you could always have this artist paint a picture of a woman’s face on a man’s abs, much like the photos here

Check out the one with 4 eyes… how disturbing is that?!

Sorry, I’ve gone orft on a tangent again…

Anyway, once you’ve added the profile pic you are now the proud owner of a brand spanking new baby Facebook  Page! Ta-da! 🙂

And that’s where the fun starts.

There are a few more bits and pieces to set up in Admin, but that can be done anytime.

You are now ready to post some content. Exciting! 😀

But don’t forget to add an attractive cover image first.

I had a lot of fun and games getting mine to fit right, but I’m afraid boys and girls that we’re out of time, so that is a story for another day…

Look out for part #3 of my adventures early next week when the saga continues…

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