Eek! Google Keyword Tool Going Away… Time To Panic?

I’ve had a couple of emails recently about the Google Keyword Tool being pensioned off…

These emails seemed to suggest that only the broad match results would be available and if (like me) you tend to use exact match, you might well be rather worried.

I know that many marketers rely on it as a free tool to pick their niches and to find keywords to target with SEO and advertising etc.

It’s not perfect, but I certainly don’t want to lose it. I’ve got 6 other Keyword tools both paid and free, such as Market Samurai and Traffic Travis, but they all scrape the GKT to get their results, so if what I read turned out to be true, I’d be a bit screwed, along with erm, probably 99.9% of other marketers…

So I did a bit of detective work….

To cut a long story short… The sky is not falling. There is no need to panic.

You can pretty much use the same features of GKT in Google Keyword Planner which is replacing it.

Including Exact Match. See my screenshot below:


The one big difference is that you now need an Adwords account and need to be logged in to use Google Keyword Planner.

Which lets Google spy on you…

But you always had to be logged in to get a decent number of results anyway.

So, move along. Nothing to see here 😉

If you want to take a look at the new Keyword Planner, then just go to the link below and click on “Try Keyword Planner” below the green menu bar:


And here’s some more info on the Keyword Planner for your delectation:


Enjoy! 🙂