Meditation – The Key To Success?

Last week I had a chat with a great guy – Sanjib Mukherjee. He’s a yogi – not the famous picnic-stealing bear who lives in Jellystone Park, lol – the kind that practises meditation and has developed a wonderful insight about the world and helps others to succeed in their goals. He has spent years “personally coaching, mentoring and empowering the lives of hundreds of thousands of people across the world”.

Sanjib exudes such an extraordinary level of calm that after chatting with him for half an hour I felt more at peace than I had done in as long as I can remember! A feeling that lasted the rest of the day πŸ™‚

Firstly, Sanjib advised me to meditate. Although this may conjure up pictures of tibetan monks dressed in orange robes, there is no mumbo-jumbo involved. I’ve meditated in the past and it really is a wonderful way to find inner calm. It calms your emotions and thoughts, so that you can truly relax… something that I believe would benefit me massively.

In the busy world of Internet Marketing, someone is always telling you that they have a new system that you must have. We all get bombarded with it through email, Facebook, Skype, Twitter and stone tablet (ok I may have made the last one up!). And for me (and probably many others) that means that my mind is always going at 100 miles an hour. It’s exhausting!

Meditation can also improve confidence, health and emotional balance – all assets that would greatly benefit any marketer, not just me.

So I have started to meditate. Just 10 mins a day morning and evening to start with. Because I have been unwell it’s hard to tell for sure whether it’s making a difference, but there are positive signs… even though last thing at night I haven’t once heard the end of Sanjib’s guided meditation mp3. Lol! Something must be working!

You can get hold of Sanjib’s guided meditation for free by subscribing to his newsletter here:

Sanjib’s advice didn’t stop at mediation, however… he advocates working on only one thing at a time. What he means is that you pick one item from your to-do list and focus on that for the day to the exclusion of all else… and when it’s finished, you’re done for the day. I’m not entirely sure how that is supposed to work if you have a series of smaller tasks to do… maybe they could all be lumped into one… Or maybe you could work for 15 minutes and have the rest of the day off? Lol!

In theory this should lead to increased productivity and in turn a better life / work balance… assuming I can actually concentrate… but I guess the meditation will help with that too Smile

Anyway, I can see how this would work for the bigger tasks that need to be completed. Multitasking is pretty much overrated and can slow progress to a crawl. I know because I experience it pretty much every day. I allow my day to run me – I break off for emails, Facebook notifications, Skype chats and to reply to text messages. No wonder I find it hard to get anything done.

So, I’m going to give this a try. It’s not going to be easy because it’s a very different way to work… but hopefully it should produce a massive boost in productivity and reduce my stress levels too!

This will also necessitate switching everything off – email, skype, facebook. Even my… gulp… phone Surprised

And that brings me to my email… Sanjib also advised that email should only be open twice a day for 20 minutes. Once in the morning and once in the evening. Again, this is a very different way of working, but email is a massive time-waster for me and probably most of you reading this.

Email should be dealt with immediately – one touch. You read it, action it, delete it or archive it. You shouldn’t be going back to email again and again and leaving hundreds, maybe thousands of emails in your inbox awaiting attention. If you have email that’s been sitting there for weeks untouched and you know there isn’t anything hugely important, like a tax demand or overdue bill, then just delete it. You don’t need it.

I have started to be way more ruthless with my email. Sometimes it’s painful to delete something that I think may be useful to me, but when it comes down to it, tomorrow I will probably have forgotten all about it and my life will still go on. Lol!

Anything that cannot be dealt with immediately gets captured on my to-do list and then I archive the email in case I need to refer back to it.

So that’s my strategy so far to help me move forward with my business… it probably needs some more details added and certainly a long-term gameplan…

I don’t pretend that it will be easy and if I don’t follow this advice then things are unlikely to change… like everything in this business and life in general, the key is to take ACTION!

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of meditation you can watch Sanjib’s webinar:


2 thoughts on “Meditation – The Key To Success?

  1. Interesting that you got to meet Sanjib. I take it you’re still maintaining contact with Zed then?

    I must confess I kind of stopped following Zed after he stopped holding his fortnightly webinars, although I still get his weekly emails and of course I try to maintain contact with fellow NTD “alumni” (that’s why I’m here).

    These days I tend to follow Lisa of 2CreateAWebSite more, who’s worlds apart from Zed. It’s interesting the way different people have such different approaches to online business.

    Anyway I guess it’s easier for you to maintain contact, being based in the same country as Zed and Sanjib. Good luck with your meditation.
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    • I didn’t actually get to meet Sanjib. Just had a voip chat on Skype πŸ™‚

      I’m still in touch with Zed and he kicks my butt from time to time. I love his no nonsense approach. It’s a real shame that he moved on to other things because he would make a great mentor! πŸ™‚

      I haven’t heard of 2CreateAWebSite, I’ll have to look it up


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