Reboot brain

How To Reboot Your Brain

Are you super-organised? Always know exactly what you’re doing? Never get overwhelmed or stressed?

Yeah, me too…


Not really human?
Not really human?

Everyone gets overwhelmed sometimes – well maybe some people don’t, but can they actually provide any proof that they are indeed human…? I think not. 😉

For anyone new to Internet Marketing and even the more experienced marketer (me!), it can get to the stage where your brain is fit to burst.

If you need to put anything new in it, other important stuff leaks out. It’s not pretty.

All those shiny objects to distract you.

So many different skills needed to run a business.

Fears and doubts.

Too much to do!
Too much to do!

So much to remember. So much to do.

And that’s on top of all the other stuff in your life – maybe a day job, health, housework, looking after the kids, paying bills, family, relationships and trying to have some fun in between.

No wonder you’re so overwhelmed and stressed!

If you’re anything like me, you want to have time to enjoy yourself, not just spend every minute working, going round in circles, getting nowhere fast.

There’s a whole universe out there just waiting to be explored…

But fear not! I have a solution! 🙂

A brain reboot! *No jump leads required…

Useless stuff in brain
Useless stuff in brain

Fortunately, not everything rattling around in your head right now is as important or useful as your brain seems to think.

A lot of it can be safely discarded or filed in the “later” pile. Often the “much later” pile.

Every time I do this, I feel such a sense of relief and a reduction of stress levels almost immediately.

For the first part of this deceptively powerful exercise you’re going to need:

1. Notepad (with plenty of free pages).
2. Favourite pen. Or pencil. Whatever floats your boat.
3. Quiet room with comfortable chair – you could be here for some time.
4. A nice cup of tea.    * other hot beverages are available

Are you ready? Here goes…

Dump brain here
Dump brain here

You’re going to do a brain dump and remove all the useless stuff you’re storing there.

Write down everything that is in your head right now.

Everything you need to do, all your worries and fears, all those recurring thoughts that you have constantly…


Keep writing until you’re sure you have covered everything that’s in your head. Completely exhaust all thoughts.

If you don’t get writer’s cramp you’re not doing it properly. Last time I did this, my list ran to nearly 8 pages! Mostly illegible! Lol!

Sit there for at least 5-10 mins after you stop writing. More stuff will probably pop up.

Eventually, you will realise you have a sense of peace as all that noise in your head quiets down.

Don’t  believe me? Try it. It works like magic. And you will have a happy face.

Your happy face
Your happy face

You need to do this with pen and paper for the best effect. Don’t ask me why, but it just doesn’t work the same when you type it.

Off you go and get your list done. I’ll wait…

Feeling better? Good 🙂

The second part of your brain reboot is the WMN Process…

And I teach you how to do it here.