Instant Passive Blueprint Review

Hey there! Today I want to discuss one of the best ways to make money online. And that is creating your own products!

Prefer to hear me talk about it? Watch the video below. Otherwise, scroll down to read my review in black and white text type stuff.

So why is product creation so much better than selling a product as an affiliate?…

Well, when you promote a product as an affiliate, you have to do a surprising amount of work just to sell a few copies for a measly commission. You may have to write an email, do a review, drive traffic and who benefits most? Not you, that’s for sure. You might get 50% of the sale. If you’re lucky.

BUT if you know how to create your own products, you create one and then affiliates do all the running around for you. You get to keep most of the profit and build a buyers list too! Woohoo! 🙂

Then you can repurpose your content. Use it in emails, use it as the basis of a bigger product, add it to a membership site, create a video or mp3 course out of it, sell PLR rights to it, give it away to build a list…. The options are endless. You have a prime piece of real estate that nobody can take away from you that you can profit from forever. Now doesn’t that sound good?

You might think that product creation is really hard and not something you could do yourself. But think again!  I’ve just been lucky enough to go through a Instant Passive Blueprint by Josh Morris (he of the “Bamboo” series fame).

See Instant Passive Blueprint for yourself:

Click here to see how easy Instant Passive Blueprint makes product creation

I don’t think I’ve ever seen product creation broken down and explained in such a simple manner. And what’s more it can be done in 7 days!

Josh even gives you his 7 Day Action Plan as well as The Focus Factor to teach you how to get into the zone! I am definitely going to put these methods into action in the next few days – I’m sure they will increase my productivity immensely! 🙂

At only 28 pages Josh’s report is an easy read, but those pages are packed with actionable information. And it’s all laid out really well too!

Josh explains how to easily find a product to create. Where to look for problems that need solving and even how to find the answers so you don’t even have to know much about the subject yourself.

And what I love most about Instant Passive Blueprint? I finally understand how to create a hook to make selling my products so much easier. I have NEVER understood this before, but Josh’s explanation made it seem so simple. I will never struggle with it again! I’m a very happy bunny! 🙂

I can’t really begin to explain how much easier this is going to make writing copy for me. I feel like this one nugget of information is worth at least the cost of this report on its own.

Check out Instant Passive Blueprint for yourself below (It launches Nov 12th at 6pm EST / 11pm GMT):

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But Josh doesn’t stop there.

He explains how to create value for your customers and the proper structure to use to organise your ebook to make it easy for your customers to get the most out of it.

Then he goes on to explain simple sales letter structure. If you’ve ever tried to write a sales letter, then I’m sure you’re going to appreciate how much easier this is going to make it for you..

He finishes off with some great sales tips and a summary of the method.

But Josh doesn’t just leave it there. He includes his 7 Day Action Plan that summarises all the steps you need to take to make the most of his main report.

And that’s not all! He even includes his Focus Factor report. Josh has found a brilliant system here to get you to focus! I have a massive focus problem myself, so I’m going to try out Josh’s methods and I’m pretty sure that they’re going to help my productivity immensely.

Instant Passive Blueprint launches on Nov 12th at 6pm EST or 11pm GMT.

So if you feel like product creation and laser focus would bring you closer to realising your goals, then check it out below:

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