The Elephant In The Room

I’ve just come across the Bubble Manifesto by Brad Gosse. It’s all about the state of the Internet Marketing industry and how unscrupulous marketers are ripping off their unsuspecting victims. And what we can do to redress the balance.

I found it a very interesting read – you can download it here if you’d like to read it too. (It’s totally free and beautifully formatted). It’s not something that gets discussed all that often – it’s rather the elephant in the room, so fair play to Brad for bringing to to everyone’s attention.

Now Brad got his start online in the adult website industry. I’m fairly sure that I don’t approve. Neither do I approve of his weed habit. But in spite of that, I kinda like the guy. And nobody could doubt that he has a very good business head on his shoulders. He’s ethical too – which is an excellent quality in a marketer in my view!

Anyway, as an ethical Internet Marketer myself, I do feel that some marketers are rather less than up-front with their customers. They post fake screenshots of their earnings, they teach stuff they can’t do or teach outdated information that is never going to work now because things have moved on.

Or there are the marketers who make a very good living online, but never teach their own, best methods. They keep these a closely guarded secret, possibly because if they shared their actual methods, they wouldn’t work so well for them any more. Their customers may see some success, but will never reach the level that they aspire to, because the methods they have been taught are just not designed to bring in the income that they desire.

Then there are the marketers who consider themselves honest and principled, yet bombard their lists with offer after offer, sometimes multiple times per day. Have they even had time to check out the product they are promoting properly? I doubt it. All they are seeing is the dollar signs in front of their eyes.

In my opinion, it’s a very short-sighted way to operate. Yes, you might make a ton of cash in the short term, but what about building a long-term, sustainable business? I’ve been on such lists myself and I can tell you that it takes less than a week to get sick of it and unsubscribe! Are these marketers really doing either themselves or their customers any favours? They must be having to be constantly and agressively recruiting new subscribers.

They would make it way easier on themselves if they built trust with their customers, share valuable content with them. Give them freebies and generally connect with them in a manner that actually conveys the message that they care about them. If you build a good enough relationship with your subscribers, they will become lifelong fans. They will treat you as a friend whose opinion they value and actively seek out your advice before purchasing products. You become their “go to guy”.

That way, in the long term, you get to sell more of your own products and those that you promote. Your customers will love you because you provide value and you feel more fulfilled because you know that you are genuinely helping people to reach their dreams and goals.

Now I’m not pretending to be an expert on this. I’m still learning. But I still know a bad marketer when I see one. I’m trying to learn from successful marketers who don’t feel it necessary to spam their lists. Someone I admire in particular is Mark Thompson – if you get a chance, check out his blog.

He talks an awful lot of sense about how to build a list of freebie-seekers and turn them into customers and life-long fans by building a good relationship with them and providing value. Check out his free 500 Buyers report. It requires an opt-in, but it’s well worth it. And he won’t spam you with offers – you’ll see how email marketing is done by a pro! 🙂