How To Build A Responsive List From Your Blog

Obviously we all need traffic to our blogs, sales pages, affiliate sites, squeeze pages etc. You name it, you need traffic for it…

Unless you’re driving 500 miles cross country and then you’d probably rather there was no traffic… but I digress…

So you need traffic, right? Most traffic is cold traffic – ie. they don’t know who you are.

BUT (and it’s a great big BUT), *before* you get that traffic, you need to know how you are going to convert it into buyers / opt-ins etc.

Your job is to help the traffic reaching your site in from the cold, warm them up by the fire and deal with any objections & doubts even before they arise.

So you need to understand your audience BEFORE you even think about driving that traffic to your site. You need to know where they come from, how old they are, how much money they earn etc.

And then you need to find out what makes them tick – their dreams, hopes, problems, pains etc.

Once you’ve done that you will have mapped out a clear path from your Traffic Source straight to your offer.

This will be the path of least resistance because you will use all the data that you’ve gathered to melt away the resistance… Sneaky, huh?

When somebody WANTS something there is almost ZERO resistance (from that person) to buying the thing they WANT.

Are you beginning to get a glimpse into how powerful this method is? 🙂

In Ant Click Baker, Oz shows you the exact recipe that you need in order to do this stuff. Then he goes on to explain how you can triple your profits by choosing the correct offers to your audience – both for the front end and the upsells on the back end.

He goes on to explain how to avoid wasting traffic and stop visitors from clicking the back button as soon as they hit your page. Nice! 🙂

And you get to build a super-targeted list at the same time!

Oz shows you a super sneaky way to make it hard for time-wasters and freebie-seekers to sign up to your list.

I cannot emphasise enough how powerful this stuff is! Especially if, like me, you hate selling.

Oz himself says:

“I guess the reason that this approach works so well for me is that not only do I not like selling; I also suck at selling.

In fact, I like to call myself an accidental and reluctant Internet Marketer.

The other kewl thing about this approach is that even though I break so many of da ‘so-called’ rules of selling – I actually outperform MOST of da so-called gurus by a factor of two or even higher”

Oz ends with how to hypnotise your audience.

You have probably heard many times that people buy from those they know, like and trust. And Oz shows you how to build a relationship with them in order to meet that very objective 🙂

Another much used phrase is “the money is in the list”, but that’s not quite true. The money is in the *relationship* with that list.

Don’t treat that list like a cash-cow, treat your subscribers like the living, breathing, wonderful human beings that they are. Help them to succeed and they will do the same for you 🙂

Oz says:

“I am pretty sure these suggestions break many of the rules of selling, but here’s the thing…

I don’t enjoy selling, so the less selling I have to do – the happier I am, and…

Evidence suggests that my ‘non-selling’ approach works much better than the pitch-fest approach that most people use.

I think the reason is that my audience responds to me differently to the way they respond to the typical marketer. As a result, I get:

  • Lower unsubscribe rates
  • Higher open rates
  • Higher click-thru rates
  • Higher conversions
  • Higher EPCs”

Assuming you use your new-found ability to hypnotise your audience for good, not evil, then this is a much more ethical approach to internet marketing and one of which I approve massively.

With this approach you will already be streets ahead of your competition who treat their audience like cattle.

This information is very valuable to anyone wanting to build any online business.

The time is ticking on this one. If you want to learn how to build a highly responsive list from your blog and make more sales in a non-selling sort of way, then click the link below before the offer ends on Friday 7th December.

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