So Easy A Caveman Could Do It…

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Recently I’ve been banging on about the importance of social networking and the need for all business owners to build a list. Not just on my blog, but in my newsletters too…

Well, Dr Ben Adkins has just released The Evil FB Magician – List Building Unleashed edition.

You’ve probably heard of him. He’s one of my mentors and a highly respected marketer.

Anyway, yesterday I had the great pleasure to go through this step by step guide that uses facebook to build a list.

Seriously, this is as about as simple as it gets! I’m most impressed 🙂

Ben certainly unveils some real magic in this guide! Not a lot of evil though, it has to be said, lol!

Who knew it could be so awesomely simple to build a list? You don’t even need to do any “marketing”.

It’s all set out for you in 5 easy to follow steps. So easy a caveman could do it. Really! 🙂

If you do this the way Ben tells you, people will be falling over themselves to sign up to your list. And they’ll open your emails and buy stuff too!

Not only can you use this in the make money online niche, but it allows you to leverage any hobby of yours that has a good fan base with money to spend and products to sell.

The example Ben uses is the Dachshund niche – he has built a group of over 32,000 fans on his FB page and easily built a list from it!

My head is buzzing with the possibilities!

From the book intro, you’ll learn:

1) How to do Dead Simple (takes 5 minutes) Research that will make sure you’re attacking a niche the right way.

2) How to setup a “sticky web” that will guarantee you build a list of passionate prospects that will actually open the email you send them once they sign up for your list.

3) How to push cheap and Laser Targeted traffic to your “sticky web” and eventually to your opt-in form.

4) How to Engage those people and make them trust you before you ever ask them to sign up to your list (this is key).

5) And finally, I’m going to show you how to get them to opt-in and an example of what you need to send them so that you actually make money with this list. (The big payoff!)

Once you’ve done this you, you get these benefits:

  • You’ll have a ton of people that will help you grow your “lead generator page” (viral growth)
  • You’ll have people sharing your affiliate offers with their friends. (viral profit)
  • You’ll have people sharing the link to your optin form. (more viral growth)

Did I mention you’ll be setup to make money too???

See more here ==>

To your listbuilding success!


PS. Ben has got some awesome bonuses coming over the next few weeks too!

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    • Hey Charles!

      Yes I do have an email list. Email marketing is a great business model 🙂

      Evil FB Magician takes a lot of the work out of building a list and makes it fun too! I love it!:)

      Do you have a list?


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