killer list building part 3 - traffic generation

Killer List Building – Part 3 – Traffic Generation

Welcome to Killer List Building Part 3 – Traffic Generation!

If you missed the first 2 parts, you can read them here:

By now you should be ready to work on the lifeblood of any business….


With all the snazzy tools available, it’s pretty easy to get a landing page online fast.

And pretty much anybody can extract some golden nuggets out of PLR to create a freebie to give away on that landing page.

But traffic is a little trickier…

A lot of marketers will tell you that traffic is the easy part, but that’s not strictly true… unless you have a proven strategy.

No traffic = no list = no sales = no freedom for you!

So, yeah, traffic is super important!

No traffic

Without actively driving traffic, you’ll mostly get a vast nothingness…

You’ll get the odd click – mostly from bots – but you won’t build a list.

So you need to actively drive some traffic to your brand new squeeze page and build that list…

Thus building a long lasting online asset all of your own.


There are two ways to get traffic:

  1. Paid
  2. Free

Paid traffic scares a lot of people but (if you get it right) it’s quick…

But don’t try Facebook Ads until you know what you’re doing!

Trust me. Just don’t.

There are too many variables until you have a landing page that you know converts. And leads can be expensive.

Free traffic is low risk but it can be slow to get started.

So I’m going to give you a few methods so you can choose the way to go.

Paid Traffic

For the paid method I’m going suggest solo ads.

It’s the easiest paid traffic method to get started with.

A Solo Ad is when you pay a marketer with a big list to mail your offer to their list.

Now, you can come unstuck with Solo Ads so you need to do some research –

Check out the seller reviews in these Facebook groups (just request to join):

Once you find someone who looks good, check out their website (if they have one) and look at the testimonials there too.

Write an email swipe to promote your offer and ask the seller if they will use it. If they refuse, then think twice about using them.

In my experience a lot of solo sellers want to use their own swipes, which are designed to get the click (good for them, not you!).

You want to find one who will use a relevant swipe. This will pre-qualify the prospects by talking about your actual offer.

There’s no point in them sending a generic email about making money online… if your offer is how to make money with kindle and they want to know about flipping websites, they aren’t going to want your freebie, so it’s a wasted click that you’re paying for!

Also, make sure to track your clicks – create a tracking link and give that link to the solo ad seller.

Go here for a guide to link tracking

You want to get the following from your solo ad:

  • Traffic should be around 80% from Tier 1 countries (US, UK, CAN, AU, NZ) as they are more likely to convert into sales
  • Traffic should arrive as a slowish trickle. If you get a ton of clicks straight away, the chances are the seller is sending you crap traffic or using a generic email.
  • You want the leads to be responsive. If you find your subscribers are not opening your emails and clicking on links, then don’t use that seller again.

Free traffic

Now Two Free Methods of Traffic:

1. Forum Signature Links

Find a forum where lots of people in your niche hang out…

If you’re in the Internet Marketing / Make Money Online niche, you’ll mostly find them in the Warrior Forum (WF).

First, add a link to your squeeze page in your WF signature.

Then get in there every day and start replying to posts, answering questions and generally being super helpful.

The key is not to post “me too” type responses – the other posters won’t like you and you’ll most likely get a time-out from the moderators.

Your posts need to be genuinely helpful and give great value.

Once people start to recognise you, you’ll become more trusted, your link will get clicked and people will opt-in to your list. Simples! 🙂

2. Videos

Try creating tutorial videos or little tips videos and uploading them to YouTube.

Just give some of your valuable content away in a PowerPoint video, or create a little screen capture teaser with Jing, then underneath have a link to your squeeze page.

Here’s a great little guide to getting your videos ranked (higher up the search results) on YouTube:


Some people prefer paid methods as they find it quicker and easier.

But OTOH, paid methods can be costly and frustrating.

Believe it or not, John Thornhill, a highly successful marketer, prefers FREE traffic after getting banned from Google for no reason.

He now drives 16,364 targeted visitors to ONE of his websites every day with nothing but zero cost methods!

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Once you know what you are doing, it’s super easy to build your business fast.

It’s a funny thing with list building.

Once you start driving sales with it, people really start to notice.

And things become a lot easier.

It’s all about leverage.

Your list doesn’t even need to be massive to get to this stage. It can be fairly small – as long as you have taken time to build a great relationship with your subscribers.

I’m going to talk more about relationship and its importance in the next post.

So stay tuned! 🙂