Marketing Lessons From Stranger Things

Marketing Lessons From Stranger Things

Maybe you’ve seen the hit Netflix series Stranger Things? (No spoilers I promise!)

We binge-watched the whole of season 2 a couple of weekends ago, it’s that good! 🙂

The story revolves around a boy who goes missing in a small town in Indiana in the 1980s and the terrifying journey untertaken by his friends, family and police chief to get him back.

It’s not quite as dark as it sounds, although the shocking 80’s hairstyles and fashions might scare you half to death!

If you liked Stand By Me, E.T. and the Goonies you’ll love it! 

Anyway, I digress…


There are some great marketing lessons to be learned from
Stranger Things…


1. Allow yourself to be like the quirky, yet loveable, Eleven


Quirky monsterYou need to stand out in this world of overwhelming noise – and one of the ways you can do that is by allowing your personality to shine through.

We’re all different and probably a little bit weird in our own ways (I sure am!).

Allowing the real you to come through in your marketing will build rapport with your audience and get people warming to you.

Some people won’t take to it, but the ones that “get” you will love you for it and become raving fans 🙂

Remember that it’s emotion that turns prospects into buyers, so creating a rapport is all important.


2. Nostalgia marketing works like gangbusters!


I’m a geek, so I was always going to love it, but all types of people are loving Stranger Things, not just for the awesome story, but the memories and emotions that it evokes in them.80s Nostalgia Marketing

The programme creators have done a brilliant job at recreating the atmostphere of the 80s.

Everything is totally authentic.

Just like the short-lived Pokémon GO craze a while back – people go mad for nostalgia when it’s done right.

Again it creates an emotional response, so they are more likely to buy.


3. Stick together


stick together – stick figures with puzzle piecesBeing a solopreneur can bring feelings of isolation…

Especially if your family and friends don’t understand what you do and give you grief for it.

Maybe you come up against a problem you just can’t solve alone…

But join up with a group of like-minded individuals where you can ask questions, brainstorm and generally feel like you’re not alone and things suddenly become so much easier…

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