How To Make Money From Your Blog With Affiliate Marketing

How To Make Money From Your Blog With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing can be a pretty effective way to make money from your blog.

Especially if you build an email list at the same time.

Is it possible to earn a gazillion dollars a day with only 5 minutes work?


Unless you live in some alternate magic button dimension

Relaxing in the sun while you make a passive income with affiliate marketing

But once you have built up your traffic (visitors) to a few thousand a month, Affiliate Marketing can form the basis of a pretty good income.

Some of your affiliate marketing promotions might even keep making sales for years to come – giving you a nice passive income for work you did once, while you binge watch Stranger Things on Netflix or spend time relaxing in the sun 

Affiliate Marketing does require actual *gasp* work.

But it’s a lot less work than it would be to create your own products – my first product took me MONTHS to create!

And then it only sold 34 copies…

All that wasted time and money! Sob!

I’m not saying that you should never make your own products, but Affiliate Marketing is a great way to learn how to build a business and start making profit with very low-risk.

So how do you make money with Affiliate Marketing?

Essentially, you write a review of other people’s products, using your affiliate link in the post and when you make sales, you get paid commission!

The product creator handles all the other work and costs:

  • Customer service
  • Sales page and copywriting
  • Delivery page / membership site

And you get to keep the money – usually 50-100%


Where To Find Affiliate Products To Promote And How To Choose Them:

If you’re in the Internet Marketing / Make Money Online niche, then Warrior Plus and JVZoo are good places to find products.

Find affiliate products to promote on JVZoo

If you’re in other niches, try Clickbank.

Make sure you choose solid products to promote or you’re not going to see any repeat sales from your leads!

And you’ll get refunds too!

Get too many refunds and nobody is going to allow you to promote their products, so you can wave bye-bye to that income!

Start Affiliate Marketing by promoting products that you use and love yourself:

  • Autoresponders (eg GetResponse)
  • Hosting Companies (eg Hostgator)
  • Page Builders (eg Convertri)
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Any other tools you like (eg ClickMagick, that disguises and tracks your affiliate links)

Excited to be earning passive income from Affiliate Marketing


Recurring income products – ie ones that are billed monthly are among the best products to promote because you do the work once and you get paid every month!

If you’re promoting something new, get hold of a copy of it and evaluate it properly.

You’ll be surprised how many vendors are willing to give you a review copy if you just ask.

But make it polite!

And try to give them a reason why they can trust you.

I have found that a short introduction and a link to my blog works well.

If you can’t get a review copy but you still want to promote, don’t throw a wobbly, just BUY a copy and go through it before writing your review.

If the product turns out to be a big pile of dingoes kidneys, put it down to experience and don’t promote it.

Do not ruin your reputation for a quick buck!

You’ll soon learn which vendors products are likely to be the best quality and fit for your blog.

It can often help to say what you don’t like about a product as well as this builds trusts.

How to get people to read your review

Once the post is written, you’ll need to promote it to get some traffic.

First off, ping your new post to get it indexed by the search engines faster:

How to use pingomatic

  1. Go to
  2. Blog Name: Copy and paste your blog post TITLE
  3. Blog Home Page: Copy and paste your blog post URL
  4. Click Check All and then Send Pings

If you’ve built a list you can write an email that sends your subscriber to your review post and make more sales that way.

You can get more traffic by sharing your post on social media eg:

  • Your Facebook profile
  • Your Facebook page
  • Your Facebook group
  • Other Facebook groups (that allow self promotion)
  • Twitter (ask for a retweet – it works surprisingly well!)
  • Instagram
  • Republish the blog post on Medium

If you’re in the IM niche and worried about annoying your Facebook friends with your business posts, this post will show you how to separate them.

A little trick that works to get you more traffic on Facebook is…

Instead of sharing the link, share your post’s featured image with a short description, telling your audience that they will find the link in the comments.

Don’t forget to add the link in the first comment! 😉

How to get even more traffic for your Affiliate Marketing

youtube traffic

A review video uploaded to YouTube or even better a walkthrough will give your post an extra boost.

Embed the video in your blog post and this will often improve conversions.

Eg my review of Convertri has a video embedded on the page.

If you are reviewing a Software Product you would be a good idea to create a demo / walkthrough video.

If it’s not software or you are feeling lazy, here’s a great guide that shows you how to use Lumen5 to turn your post into a video.

When you upload your video to YouTube make sure to optimise it to help its ranking.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

This post will give you a quick overview of the process.

No Idea How To Write Your Review?

Here are few examples. These are all reviews I’ve written to promote affiliate products in the past, some better written than others:

Example Review #1 – Campervan Commissions

Campervan Commissions is one of the best examples even if I do say so myself 

Campervan Commissions Review - How Paul Makes $200/Day From His Campervan

When I was about 10 years old I got to be an extra in a movie…

It was directed by none other than the legendary Stanley Kubrick!

If you’re a movie-buff then you’ll no doubt be impressed, but at the time I had absolutely no idea who he was, even though he was stood right next to me!

The thing that impressed me most about the experience was the campervan that we travelled in to get to the village where the movie was being filmed.

I thought it would be a great adventure to live in one!

So I got a real blast from the past when I saw Paul Nicholls’ new product – Campervan Commissions, which launches on Wednesday 27th September at 10am EST (3pm BST)

Being able to work anywhere, with just a laptop, is the dream of many a budding Internet Marketer.

Laptop Lifestyle


And over the past 4 years, Paul has been living this lifestyle, travelling the UK making massive commissions from his campervan…

So I pricked up my ears when I heard that he was giving away his exact blueprint for this.

I REALLY hate hype so I would never normally say this…

Paul is getting insane conversions with his affiliate promotions!

I generally convert around 30%, which I thought was pretty good but Paul is regularly converting at 50%!

Let’s put that into perspective – for every 10 people he sends to an offer, he gets 5 sales!

My gob has never been more smacked!

That’s just a totally different league to most other marketers I know, so I just HAD to find out how he’s doing it!

Surprisingly, Paul is doing this with review videos on his blog…

blog reviews

But the WAY that he does it is different to most marketers.

You could probably try to deconstruct exactly what he’s doing from his blog, but then I think you’d miss some of his subtle tricks to increase both traffic and conversions.

I have picked up some genius tips from the course 

One video ranking tip in particular is something that I’ve never seen taught elsewhere and could be worth the entry price alone!

There’s getting on for 4 hours of step-by-step video training packed into Campervan Commissions*

Paul’s easy to follow videos take you through everything from getting things set up to advanced affiliate marketing and email marketing.

Paul’s method is not rocket science.

Not rocket science.Anyone can do it.

Even a newbie.

However, you do need to be a little bit organised to get this right…

Unlike me usually… *facepalm*

But with a bit of practise, I can see how this will work very well and I will be implementing it myself soon.

If you’d like to find out how Paul makes these kinds of commissions whilst travelling the country, watch the video here

Campervan Commissions costs $12.95 for the first 6 hours after launch and then the dimesale starts.


Paul’s training works best if you have your own blog, but he doesn’t show you how to set one up.

Buy through my link and get access to a comprehensive set of WordPress Training Videos.

>> Click here to grab your copy of Campervan Commissions <<

Here’s what Paul’s offering in the way of OTOs:

Upgrade 1: Done For You Pack – $27

If you’re feeling lazy you can get EVERYTHING you need to get started making regular commissions as an affiliate, just the way the Campervan Commission King himself does!  We’re talking email series, subject lines, review templates, and even some training on how to get traffic!

Upgrade 2: License Rights – $67

Grab the resell rights to the entire Campervan Commissions product and keep every penny you make! This is a MASSIVE shortcut and Paul’s products are proven to convert!

Upgrade 3: Affiliate Mastery Coaching – $197

You get access to four x 2 hour webinars where Paul shows you his entire affiliate marketing model including the finer details plus reveal lots more extra info and secrets.


Overall, I think Campervan Commissions is an excellent product and very good value for money, especially at the $12.95 starting point.

This is a proven system that Paul uses himself on a daily basis to earn $200 / day.

It is totally newbie-friendly and replicable too and Paul’s videos are very clear and easy to follow (as always!)

There’s nearly 4 hours of training too…

There’s none of your namby-pamby 10 min videos that say nothing, this is packed full of content, although Paul can waffle a bit if I’m honest (shh! Don’t tell him!).

Paul reveals his exact blueprint and takes you from the basics, right up to advanced training on affiliate and email marketing.

A few of the golden nuggets revealed are worth the price of entry alone.

Grab your copy through the link below and get access to my WordPress

>> Click here to grab your copy of Campervan Commissions <<

* Campervan is not compulsory to make this work. Other forms of transport and accommodation are available 

If you’d like to take a guess at which movie I was in, just comment below 

Example Review #2 – WP Legal Suite Pro

This one made me sales for a months after I published it – mostly due to a pinned Tweet.

WP Legal Suite Pro

Do you have legal pages on your blog and other WordPress sites?

I didn’t have any on my blog…

Or an FTC disclaimer…

Or one of those “we use cookies” bars.

Naughty, naughty!

If you don’t have any legal pages either, or you’re not certain that they are good enough to protect you, here’s a 2 minute fix.

For less than ten bucks you can keep a potential legal horror from biting you on the bum

A gazillion times cheaper than a lawyer!

These are professionally written legal pages that can be installed with just one click.

I love this because it’s so simple – “Enable 1-click legal page” and the plugin automatically creates a page like this.

Here’s a screenshot showing you how simple it is to set up:
WP Legal Suite Pro


These are professionally written legal pages that can be installed with one click.

I installed and configured WP Legal Suite Pro in just a couple of minutes and that includes downloading the plugin to my computer and uploading it to my blog.

It really couldn’t have been easier

I had a slight issue with an incorrect Page Title, caused by an issue with another plugin and I can tell you that IM Income Lab’s support is absolutely superb!

Is it worth less than 10 bucks and a couple of minutes of your time for a bit of peace of mind?

Example Review #3 – IM Newbie

I wrote this one in a hurry and could have done a better job, but it still made sales for me

The Simple Secret To A Successful Online Business

Whether you’ve been trying to start an online business for a while or are a total newbie, this make money online thing can become very overwhelming, very quickly.

We are constantly bombarded with information and it’s hard to figure out exactly what’s important.

When I first started out, I bought products on a whole variety of topics from eCommerce and Local Marketing to Pinterest and Podcasts.

I became totally paralysed by overwhelm because I thought I needed to learn everything and had absolutely no idea of the basics that I needed first in order to build a regular online income.

So, I got trapped in a cycle of buying Shiny Objects and making a few dollars here and there, rather than building a sustainable online business.

Sound familiar?Secret

Shall I let you into a secret?

You don’t need all that stuff to make money online!

You just need to follow a step-by-step system that gives you a good foundation on which to start, build and scale your business.

And the course that Kevin Fahey has just released, will give you exactly that…

Check out Kevin’s system to go from Zero to $1,000 in around 30 days

Although it’s great for newbies, it will also give you a solid plan if you’ve been trying to build an online business for a while but are still spinning your wheels.

You’ll get a simple step-by-step guide to build a solid foundation for your business, including setting up your WordPress website and squeeze page, autoresponder setup, list building and social media & branding.

And since you need traffic to get sales, Kevin also shows you various free traffic methods to help you promote your new business.

You even get a Business in a Box Bundle which includes money-making templates, a free report to give away for list building, and other tools to help you get started making money fast.

If you keep jumping around from method to method, nothing will change…

But if you’re ready to earn your first $1,000 or scale your business, click here to  take a look at IM Newbie now

IM Newbie



Affiliate Marketing is a great way to start your first online business and can continue paying you passive income when done right.

Tips to for choosing products and writing your reviews:

  1. Pick a solid product that you already love or have tested yourself
  2. Recurring income products such as autoresponders, hosting and page builders are great for building a passive income
  3. When writing your reviews, make them easier to read by breaking up the text by adding images and headings
  4. Adding a walkthrough video, especially for software products works well
  5. Use Pingomatic to ping your review post to get it indexed by the search engines
  6. And finally, remember to promote your posts regularly on social media and medium

That’s it! Now off you go and get on with it! 

Let me know how you get on.


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