Warrior Gathering 2012 – Day 1

So, my first live event – the Warrior Gathering in London – has been and gone and overall I had a great time, despite the lack of sleep. I took notes furiously throughout, with actual pen and paper! Remember those? My hand is only just recovering now!

I dragged my other half along, kicking and screaming. He’d rather have been at a comic convention in Bristol (yes comics) and he was hankering after the London Welsh rugby game taking place on the Sunday afternoon, but he’s finally become a true convert to the possibilities that internet marketing offers. He’s already started reading The Android Developers cookbook and has a ton of ideas. I’m really pleased that he’s finally seen the light. Woohoo!

I met some great people – Internet Marketers seem to be a universally lovely bunch! I tend to be a little on the shy side when I’m in large groups of people, so networking felt a little intimidating, but everyone I spoke to (you know who you are) was open and friendly and really put me at my ease.

I had expected to enjoy some talks more than others, but all the speakers were truly awesome! They were all very likeable, shared some great information and I learned a lot.

Brad Gosse was first up. I wasn’t sure what I was going to make of this self-confessed pot-head, but I really like the guy and what’s more he has a brilliant entrepreneurial brain. His strategy to get himself onto the Amazon bestsellers list was nothing short of genius! I spoke to him later and he was happy to chat and give me advice. I must get a hold of his book – Chronic Marketer because no matter what I think about weed, this guy has his head screwed on right.

Paul Clifford’s software creation model was most inspiring. In fact, my husband, Tony, was so inspired after Paul’s talk he almost wanted to leave so that he could start putting some of his new ideas into action. I think he might actually have done it too, had I not tied him to his chair. Hehe! Anyway, thanks for helping to make Tony a believer, Paul!

Mark Lyford is a pretty interesting guy. Let’s just say he made a couple of million, lost it again, chose a less than legal path to get out of debt and went to prison before building his business back up again the legal way. You’ve got to admire the sheer audacity of his crime, and I can’t help thinking that he was just trying to do his best for his family. See Marks’s Story if you’re eager to hear more. Pretty sure I learnt some great stuff from Mark about buyers lists and price points… it’s funny what sticks in your head though.

Michael Christon’s Jedi Mindset was a great way to end the day – entertaining and useful too. He really made me think hard about the best ways to sell to people. The trick is not to sell to them at all, apparently, but to “help them to buy”. Genius! I must remember to use these tricks for good, not evil. Mwahahahahaha!

There were a couple of panel sessions through the day – one on offline and one on WSO (Warrior Special Offer) creation. I got valuable tips from both, even the offline. In particular, Kevin O’Connor had some interesting stuff to share. At the beginning of the day he told me that he’d only just been roped in to be part of the panel, but I’d never have known.

Day one ended with free drinks provided by Andy Fletcher of Digiresults, who hadn’t made it to the event owing to a bad back, so he didn’t even get to be thanked for his generosity. I don’t drink alcohol, but I very much enjoyed my orange and lemonade, so thank you Andy!

I also got the chance to meet my mentor, Dean Holland and his operations manager Craig Crawford in person – great to meet you guys! It kind of rounded the day off nicely for me.

There was a hypnotist show at 8pm, but Tony and I were too tired after very little sleep, followed by a long journey and heads jampacked full of the great stuff we’d learned, so we said our goodbyes and went back to the hotel via Pizza Express. I just need to mention the hotel here. Best hotel I’ve ever stayed at. The Apex City of London Hotel in Seething Lane. We were upgraded from a standard room to a suite (nice marketing tactic!) and OMG! What a great room! 40 inch telly with surround sound & DVD player, another telly in the bedroom, awesome alarm clock with ipod dock, walk in shower and free rubber duck. What more could you ask for?

Warrior Gathering Day 2


7 thoughts on “Warrior Gathering 2012 – Day 1

    • Thanks Phil! Great to meet you too! 🙂 Just read your awesome review! You’ve got a great talent for writing in an engaging manner 🙂 I’ll leave a comment later, maybe tomorrow.

      I planned to make one overall post, covering both days , but it was starting to become a bit epic, so decided to split it in two.

      I look forward to reading part 2 of your review too!


  1. Hi Sally, thanks for the review, I appreciated reading your thoughts on the events of day 1 🙂 and your right. I was only trying to get my life sorted out for my family and to move on 😉 thanks once again . Mark

  2. Hey Sally

    GREAT post, was fantastic meeting you in person.

    It’s very important to get out there and get to good live events to meet others. I hope you’re proud of yourself for pushing outside your comfort zone!

    Well done you, speak soon!


    • Thanks Dean, that means a lot 🙂

      I’m very proud of myself for getting so far out of comfort zone that I was practically orbiting the Earth, lol 😀 I feel that I’ve grown as a person because of it 🙂

      Thanks for all your encouragement. Never would have been able to do that before 🙂


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